Nas Partners With Hennessy To Deliver Powerful Open Letter To His Daughter Destiny


Nas has reached his level of critical and commercial acclaim for having a way with words. Widely recognized as one of the greatest emcees to ever do it, when Nas talks, people listen. In collaboration with the popular Cognac brand Hennessy, as an ambassador of the drink, the rap legend teamed up with the company to deliver a powerful address to his 25-year-old daughter Destiny Jones on Black excellence. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

“Dear Destiny, I wanted you to see something I never saw, feel something our family has never grasped, black excellence. Something like Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921,” said the Grammy winner in the visual letter to his daughter, referencing the bustling predominantly Black Tulsa district that was completely burned down by white residents. 

“40 acres and 35 blocks of black folks running the town. Lawyers, doctors, businesses, all black-owned. Imagine that. The vision of Black Wall Street was intentional. And so was its downfall. A hundred years later, a hundred years strong. Black excellence lives on. Wherever black folks dream, the spirit of Greenwood is there,” he went on to say. 

He concluded the letter, “So find them, build with them, dream with them. Be your own Black Wall Street however and wherever you imagine. Your loving father, Nasir Jones.”   

The lyricist penned in the caption of the post, “Dear [Destiny Jones] a letter written from the heart and in light of Black perseverance. #NeverStopNeverSettle Society celebrates the perseverance and success of Black entrepreneurs and is a continuation of [Hennessy] long-standing commitment to Black communities. Visit the link in my bio/ to learn more.” 

Already taking a word of advice from her father, Destiny is currently the CEO of beauty brand Matic Cosmetics. 

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