Nas Was Downright Dangerous On Busta Rhymes-Assisted “Suicide Bounce”


The recent release of Nas’ King’s Disease album has once again reopened the floor for discussion surrounding his overall discography. And when talks of that nature kick-off, his seventh studio album Street’s Disciple tends to feel like the odd man out. Boasting no shortage of strong material, as per usual with double disc efforts, Street’s Disciple tends to fall victim to its own ambition. But while it has received a decent amount of retroactive acclaim, it remains difficult to place in the grand scheme of Nas’ overarching career.

One thing is certain, however — the project’s second disc begins on a truly excellent note, with Nas linking with Busta Rhymes for the ominous and downright intimidating “Suicide Bounce.” Over a haunting and up-tempo string-driven instrumental produced by Esco himself, Nas paints a vivid picture of the perils found within his environment and the forces moving to tip the scales. “Body viewings, at the wake, N**ga sit stiff in his Ferrari, no casket,” raps Nas. “With his eyelids still open, it’s kinda spooky / Iceman watch on, the suit Gucci.”

With the project officially celebrating its sixteenth birthday on this very day, consider checking out one of the clear highlights on Street’s Disciple. And for those who hold the album close to heart, consider sharing your thoughts on whether or not it ultimately deserves more appreciation from the rap community.


To your, power structure, Nas is dangerous
Y’all the antithesis, the opposite
Twitching shit, all up in your body language
Mean mugging your bitch, because she leans over
To look closer, told you y’all sloppy gangsters
Saying “Nas is this, and Nas is that”
Your eyes go front, your eyes go back
Surprised I’m at the same place y’all be at