Natasha Bedingfield Breaks The Internet With Cheeky “Unwritten” TikTok Dance


TikTok has proven over and over again its power over the music industry and streaming. Doja Cat’s sleeper hit “Streets” received TikTok treatment with the Silhouette Challenge, subsequently pushing her to release the year and a half old Hot Pink track as a single. Reaching back further in time, Natasha Bedingfield’s 2007 hit “Unwritten” has recently resurfaced on the app in the form of an exciting bounce remix. 

As usual, its TikTok virality comes hand in hand with a matching dance. The British songstress seems to be loving the moves and the new remix, even offering up her own take on the dance. While she absolutely nailed the dance, all eyes were focused on something else.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The dance begins with a rhythmic rocking back and forth and continues with a cheeky flashing of the participant’s derriere. In the viral TikTok, Bedingfield rocks a neon outfit as she performs the dance before sliding down her joggers to show off her shapely figure. 

“natasha bedingfield got more than a pocket full of sunshine okay?!” joked one user about her surprisingly voluptuous rear-end. Other users shared similar sentiments after watching the TikTok. 
“Cakes aside…,” wrote another user,” I really appreciate how Natasha Bedingfield is embracing her song being viral on Tik Tok.” Oftentimes, TikTok virality of old hits is not embraced by other artists as much as it could be. Kid Cudi famously called his “Day N Nite” trend on the app “very” wack. Check out more reactions to Natasha’s TikTok below.