NBA Prepared For Stoppages Ahead Of Derek Chauvin Verdict


Over the past few weeks, the trial of Derek Chauvin has been televised for everyone to see. He is currently facing charges of second-degree and third-degree murder as well as second-degree manslaughter. All of the witnesses have given their testimony all while Chauvin decided to exercise his fifth amendment right. Depending on how quickly the jury comes to a decision, we could very well have a verdict in the case this week.

As a result, many are gearing up for the possibility of protests and unrest, should Chauvin be found not guilty. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, even the NBA is preparing for this as the league has sent memos to teams, preparing them for the possibility of protests amongst players and even some postponed games.

Derek Chauvin

Mario Tama/Getty Images

While in the NBA bubble, players protested in the middle of the playoffs following the shooting of Jacob Blake. Not to mention, there were protests in Minnesota this past week following the shooting death of Daunte Wright. NBA players have always been active when it comes to social justice and it’s safe to say many will have something to say about the verdict of the Chauvin trial.

The case will most likely be updated this week so stay tuned as we will be sure to bring you the latest information.

Derek Chauvin

Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images