NBA Reportedly Confident About Continuing This Season


Over the past month, the NBA has been tirelessly working on solutions that would get them back on the court for the resumption of the 2019-20 NBA season. Ever since March 11th, the league has been suspended due to the threat posed by the Coronavirus. Pretty well every single sports league in the world has been shut down and they are all working together to see what can be done.

There have been conflicting reports about whether or not the NBA will cancel the season. Some feel like the executives are discouraged while others have reported that the NBA has a strong plan in place. According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, it appears as though the NBA continues to drum up confidence in a return to action.

Adam Silver

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Per Amick:

“One team owner, for example, discussed a scenario in which players were given approximately a month to get back in shape (including their team training camp) starting in early June, the regular season began in July and the Finals were eventually played in … late October. Another owner agreed wholeheartedly that league-wide confidence was growing that this season would be saved, as did a few other folks who have a quality read of the room.”

Essentially, if social distancing continues to work and we can get the virus under control, then there is a real chance we could have some NBA basketball this summer.



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