NBA Youngboy Might Have A Book Coming Soon Titled “Lonely Child”


Youngboy Never Broke Again was released from jail at the beginning of August and placed under house arrest for twelve months. With all that time cooped up, the Baton Rouge rapper will have the opportunity to pursue creative endeavours. While most would assume that this would entail working on and releasing tons of music, it appears that NBA Youngboy is venturing into the literary world as well. 

A video has surfaced on Instagram of a print copy of a book seemingly written by Youngboy himself. The hardcover book features a black-and-white photo of the rapper on the cover and his name at the bottom. Its titled Lonely Child, which is also the title of a song off his newly-released project, AI Youngboy 2. The blurb on the back gives a synopsis of his career, so one can guess that the book is autobiographical. We’ll have to wait on more news from Youngboy or his team to confirm the book’s details. In the meantime, gather the homies to form a book club. 

Lonely Child would add NBA Youngboy to the growing list of rappers who have recently released books, including Rick Ross (Hurricanes), Logic (Supermarket) and Russ (IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD). 


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