NBA Youngboy Will Stop Releasing Music After “38 Baby 2”


It’s clear that Youngboy Never Broke Again is going through something and, thankfully, he’s taking the time to heal his wounds.

The rapper tweeted out a concerning message this weekend, suggesting that he was having suicidal thoughts. The message was unclear but he seemingly asked fans if they believed it was a good idea for him to end it all. A resounding “NO” was cried out by his loyal supporters and, instead of taking drastic measures, the 20-year-old appears to be taking some much-needed time to heal from all the past trauma in his life.

After announcing that he will be dropping his new project 38 Baby 2 this week, NBA Youngboy took to Twitter to announce that it will be his last piece of new music in a while.

“After Friday I’ll never release a song/album again until I’m in a better situation #PROMISE,” wrote the rapper on social media.

It’s worth noting that the star has been in negative headlines for the last month and a bit after his girlfriend, Yaya Mayweather, was arrested for stabbing his baby mama Lapattra Jacobs. It appears as though everything has finally caught up to him and he’s doing the right thing, taking time to himself to figure out this crazy thing called life.

Hopefully, he’s back sooner rather than later. However, he’s left us with enough good music throughout the last couple of years.

Take your time, YB.

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