NBA YoungBoy’s Arrest: The Best Memes


Louisiana rapper NBA YoungBoy was arrested by the FBI in Los Angeles on Monday, March 22, and to no surprise, some corners of social media have been having quite the laugh about it, considering how often the rapper seems to have run-ins with the law. 

The 21-year-old MC was taken into custody after a traffic stop that eventually led to a pursuit on foot. YoungBoy was reportedly tracked down by a K-9 unit and taken into custody due to a warrant from the discovery of illegal firearms in his possession in September 2020. Despite the seriousness of the situation, it proved to be the source of meme inspiration, in following a prior NBA Youngboy meme tradition.

Celebrities and fans alike had a lot to say about the consequences the “Slime Mentality” rapper could be facing. Yaya Mayweather, YoungBoy’s girlfriend of two years and YoungBoy impersonator, posted on her Instagram story that her “day was ruined” following his arrest. Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams chimed in on the topic saying he needs to go to jail for putting people at risk, just before shaming him for having seven kids at 21-years old. Boosie jumped to his defense slamming Wendy Williams and tweeting, “FREE THE GOAT #YB TIL WE SEE THE GOAT.” Bobby Shmurda is also among YoungBoy’s supporters, after posting a picture of him on his Instagram story with the caption, “Free the mon dem.”

However, nobody has more to say than the respective Instagram and Twitter communities. While YoungBoy potentially faces some pretty harsh charges and the future looks a little hazy, here are some of the best memes to come out of it. 

The rapper is definitely no stranger to jail time, and Twitter knows it.

Dogs can do the signature NBA YoungBoy stance too.

No words for this one whatsoever. 

A classic.

The Boondocks always has the ultimate meme material. 

Not the real footage, but we can imagine! 

Yaya’s love for YoungBoy runs deep.

Possibilities? What do you think?

There goes that signature pose again.

Twitter is too much.