NBA Youngboy’s GF’s Sister Comes For Yaya Mayweather Over Subliminal Shot


Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather gave birth to her first child Kentrell Jr. earlier this year, welcoming the adorable baby boy into the world with her ex-boyfriend Youngboy Never Broke Again. If you’ve followed any of the stories surrounding Youngboy’s love life, you already know it’s a pretty complicated situation with the 21-year-old incarcerated rapper. He’s got seven children with different women, but he’s not presently tied to any one of them. 

In recent months, Youngboy has been spotted with Jazlyn Mychelle, who has proudly showed off their love on social media. They’re still in the earlier stages of their relationship, which is surely challenging right now with all of the legal obstacles facing the rapper. All the while, Yaya Mayweather continues to swoon over YB, seemingly angling to win him back. Sending a subliminal shot at Jazlyn online, Youngboy’s girlfriend’s older sister made sure that Floyd Mayweather’s daughter thought twice before coming for her family again, firing back with some words.

Unique Nicole/Getty Images

“I want all the smoke @moneyyaya !!!!! Lmao you should have stayed in yo place,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “Why you do it to you self mega man @moneyyaya.” 

Her message continued, and you can read it all in the post below. It all started after Yaya allegedly tried to check Jazlyn Mychelle. 

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