NBA Youngboy’s Other Girl Speaks Out On Being “Sister Wife” To Yaya Mayweather


Okay, let’s try to unpack all of this. This morning, we reported on how last night NBA Youngboy was sharing a couple of Instagram Stories were a lady friend was seen in the background, and said lady friend was apparently ~not~ his girl, Yaya Mayweather. Yet, Yaya Mayweather tweeted otherwise, claiming to be in the two Instagram Stories that fans are now dissecting to the tenth degree.

Once The Shade Room got their hands on NBA Youngboy’s video clips, they quickly spread across the internet, forcing Yaya to respond: “That was me in both videos on his story ain’t no “Yaya there too” let’s be very clear Yaya been here and the ONLY one that’s here dpwm,” she wrote.

Fans weren’t convinced though, zooming all the way in on the two video clips to spot inconsistencies with the possibility that Yaya was present; citing everything from hair to nails. Now, the girl who was in the video has spoken out.

We still don’t really know who this girl is, but she shared a couple of IG Stories in response to the headlines, which were stealthy captured by TSR. In the stories, she writes, “The storyline was false…I never denied my presence. Relax,” thus insinuating that she was there, despite Yaya’s claims. She continued, “BUT just know…I ain’t never “sister wifing” it with another female…or being in the same house. That’s wild and an assassination of my character. Ain’t nobody thuggin me like that. PERIOD.”

What can we assess from this statement? It’s unclear if she’s claiming she is or is not romantically attached to NBA Youngboy– but she does make it clear that she won’t be playing second fiddle to Yaya Mayweather.

We’ll have to see how this all unfolds. In the meantime, stream NBA Younboy’s new album 38 Baby 2 here


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