NCAA To Allow Athletes To Profit Off Of Their Name And Likeness


For years, the NCAA has been rightfully criticized for the way it continues to treat student-athletes. Essentially, if you play in the NCAA, you aren’t allowed to go out and make money on your own in the form of endorsement deals or merchandise. If you do, serious penalties could be handed out, including ineligibility. This has happened numerous times over the last few years as players have been robbed of mundane things such as gifts from their coaches. These rules are archaic and now, young stars in sports like basketball are looking for development opportunities outside of college.

The NCAA is well-aware that their very existence is under attack and now, they are making sure they are a safer place for prospective athletes. As they announced yesterday, the NCAA is inching closer to an official policy that will allow athletes to profit off of their likeness while also accepting endorsement deals while in college.

This is a huge announcement that will forever change the course of college athletics in the United States. Now, some of the biggest college stars will be able to accelerate their brands and help their families financially, sooner rather than later.

While the NCAA tends to get a lot of criticism, there is no denying that they have done something good here.


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