NCAA Will Now Allow Players To Make Money Off Of Their Name, Twitter Reacts


Over the last few years, the NCAA has been under increasing pressure to allow athletes to get paid for their likeness and their fame. The student-athletes governing body has had very strict rules as to what players can and can’t do, which has led to a lot of dissension and criticism. For instance, many of these players are superstars before they even step on the field in a professional setting. A good amount of players are in need of cash to support their families but are restricted because of the laws in place, despite their earning potential for the school.

Well, it looks like the NCAA has turned a new leaf as it was reported that the Board of Governors has ruled in favor of allowing athletes to profit off of their name, according to the Associated Press

This has been a long time coming and with states like California passing bills to make it legal, the NCAA had no choice but to acquiesce and adapt to the changing times ahead. It’s clear that the majority of people want to see athletes get paid, especially when you look at how much the coaches are getting. 

Hopefully, the NCAA will be able to get these new changes implemented sooner than later.


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