Nelly Gets Pulled Off Stage By Fan While Shaking Hands: Watch


The people in the front row of a concert tend to be the die-hard fans. While it’s nice for artists to see their biggest supporters singing their lyrics back to them, fans being overcome by admiration for their faves can lead them to do some crazy stuff. 

This sort of incident occurred at Nelly’s show on Saturday night at the Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage just outside of Palm Springs, CA. In the midst of performing a song, the St. Louis rapper walked along the side of the stage, touching the hands of fans at the front. While he tried to smoothly make his round, one overzealous fan grabbed Nelly’s hand and refused to let go. Nelly had no time to react and he was abruptly pulled into the security pit. Luckily he landed on his feet, but as you can see in the video obtained by TMZ, this could have easily resulted in an injury. He stood stunned for a moment, staring at the culprit before being washed over by a wave of forgiveness.

Once he got back on stage, he smilingly addressed what happened and instructed security to let the woman stay for the rest of the set. “You can’t pull me, shorty,” he said. “I appreciate it — but I’m on the edge of the stage. If you pull me, I ain’t got nowhere to go!” He then made sure to emphasize that there were no hard feelings. “It’s all good. Whoever did it, did it out of love.” 

In other Nelly news, he recently settled a sexual assault accusation made against him by an English woman.  


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