New “Black Widow” Trailer Gives MCU Fans A Deeper Look Before It Hits Theaters


We’ve been waiting over a year for Black Widow, because the pandemic delayed its release. It’s crazy to think the team behind the movie has not leaked any MAJOR spoilers this whole time. Usually, when a film like this sits on the shelf for months, much less a year, the team that worked on it has some spillage. But Marvel has held this one close to its chest, which must mean there’s going to be some pretty big MCU movements that are connected through the film.

Black Widow is now being released on July 9th, and Marvel has dropped a new trailer for the film. The trailer features a grip of footage we’ve seen already, but longer cuts of them that reveal some new moments. We get to see Black Widow and Taskmaster fight during that skydiving scene that has been heavily promoted. Taskmaster is a supervillain that can learn and mimic any fighting moves he sees. This makes him a real problem for the Avengers, even though he is not really super-powered. It will be interesting to see how they handle the fight choreography for this one. Check out the new trailer for Black Widow below and let us know what you think!