New Evidence Reveals Internal Conversations By Mike Pence & Others During Capitol Riot


This year is moving fast. Just a few months ago, Americans watched as a group of angry Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. The angry mob was able to get inside and cause a decent amount of damage, although they failed at their goal of getting Trump back in office. Their failure, along with the failures of the man they supported, will be well documented in history. 

Several new details about the capitol riot that were tucked away in undisclosed documents have been released by AP News. The documents were prepared by the Pentagon for internal use. They show a timeline of how politicians inside the Capitol buildings were reacting while under attack. One moment being highlighted is former VP Mike Pence’s urgent phone call to the acting defense secretary. “Clear the Capitol,” Pence pleased on the line. The new timelines fill in holes that help paint the story more accurately. If you recall, there were several deaths that occurred during the rights, of both Trump supporters and Capitol security. 

The new evidence helps investigators to discern how and when all hell broke loose. You can head over to AP News to check out the full timeline of events that took place that day.