New Images Of Redesigned “Sonic The Hedgehog” Emerge: Report


We all remember what went down when the first trailer of Sonic The Hedgehog live-action movie was unveiled by Paramount Pictures. Mostly everyone was left wondering, “what the actual f–” when they got a first look at what their beloved blue speedster looked like. After much backlash, controversy and roasts, the producers and directors behind the film have chosen to ditch its initial release date in order to rework the titular character’s overall look. As you may recall, the internet’s negative reaction centred around the hedgehog’s lengthy legs and overall strange allure which to fans completely differed from their childhood hero. As such, Jeff Howler, the movie’s director, has spoken out to the hate by announcing the hedgehog’s appearance would be completely redesigned and the movie was pushed to 2020. And now, photos of the new Sonic have leaked and the changes are significant to say the least.

New reports by HYPEBEAST confirm that the directors truly have listened to the fans and got Sonic to look much more like the original character. The new photos show a shorter Sonic with softer features than before. Most importantly, his look completely differs from before. What do you think of these photos? Perhaps we can expect a better Sonic movie after all. That is if these photos are legit.



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