New Jersey Republican Candidate Tries To Defend His Kanye West Blackface Costume


We recently posted about a Republican Sheriff who admitted to wearing Blackface as a way to showcase his “honesty and integrity” during elections. Now just a few days later, another Republican candidate based in Westampton, New Jersey has had his past come to light since he once wore Blackface to dress up as Kanye West for Halloween and he’s defending himself, making it clear that he’s not dropping out of the race. 

Karl Eversmeyer spoke with CBS Philly and said he’s been defamed for his past choices. “They’ve called me a racist. They’ve been defaming my character saying that there’s no place for racism in Westampton politics,” he told the news outlet.

“I’m not a racist,” he explained. “This wasn’t racist intent, this isn’t blackface where I’m going to a party with a Klansman like the Virginia guy. By today’s standards with the cultural appropriation, I understand why people are upset and I would never do it today.”

The Burlington County Republican Committee has not taken Karl’s past lightly and has since withdrawn its support for his candidacy. “The Burlington County Republican Committee has a proud history of diversity and of promoting women and minorities as candidates for elected office dating back decades. Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to paint themselves in blackface is not consistent with those values.”


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