NEZ Recruits Flo Milli & 8AE To Redefine House Music On “To The Money”


NEZ premiered his brand new track “To The Money” on Friday (April 2) featuring Flo Milli and 8AE, which showcases the dynamic and individual blend of house and hip hop the producer proudly claims as his own.  

The track dances along the lines of Chicago house and rap music, creating a high-energy anthem that doubles as an ode to Black artists reclaiming the House music landscape. The chorus of the track is handled by 8AE, while industry favorite Flo Milli’s signature cadence catches the uptempo rhythm perfectly in the single’s most standout moment.  

Speaking about “To The Money,” Nez explained, “Dance music is Black music. My goal is to bring that conversation back to the forefront. Coming from Chicago I’m very much inspired by the pioneers of house and techno. This track is very exciting for me because I had the opportunity to experiment with a new sound and bring on artists that I believe in – Flo Milli and 8ae.”

Shortly after the single’s release, the trio debuted an electric black and white visual for the track. Check out “To The Money” below and let us know how you’re feeling about it. 

Quotable Lyrics

I laugh to the bank yo hoe don’t think it’s funny
I can get nasty daddy
He tryna cuff he don’t know I’m sassy
Can’t let him fu*k gotta keep it classy
Get to that bag like a target basket