Nia Riley Calls Soulja Boy “A Whole Ass Abusive Clown” Who Can’t Get Canceled


Soulja boy hasn’t responded to the accusations that Nia Riley has made against him, but weeks after sharing that she allegedly endured physical abuse at the hands of the rapper, Riley returns. The recently released video showing Migos rapper Quavo engaged in a physical altercation with now-ex-girlfriend Saweetie has prompted several conversations, and Nia has sparked another. The former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, and daughter to music legend Teddy Riley, believes that people are going to dismiss the incident with Saweetie and Quavo just as they ignored her allegations.

Soulja Boy, Nia Riley, Domestic Violence, Saweetie, Quavo
Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty Images

“I know y’all don’t gaf about women bc my ex a whole ass abusive known clown and y’all still entertain him,” Nia tweeted. “If he can’t get cancelled no1 can.” Riley then shared images that showed the definition of the word “abuse” along with the “ProtectAllWomen” hashtag. “Let’s normalize NOT normalizing abuse,” she added.

Riley and Soulja Boy appeared on Love & Hip Hop together in the early seasons of the franchise and detailed their spiralling romance. He admitted to acts of infidelity as Nia stayed by his side. She has claimed he held a gun to her head and kicked her in the stomach, resulting in a miscarriage. Check out a few of her tweets below.