Nick Cannon Digs Up Dirt On Eminem For New Song “Canceled: Invitation”


Nick Cannon and Eminem have been going at each other’s neck for over a decade and the two have yet to throw hands. Instead, they’ve seemingly engaged in a rap battle after Eminem revisited his beef with Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey on Fat Joe’s album. Although Nick declared himself the winner of the beef — and got roasted for that — he isn’t done with Eminem yet.

Nick Cannon returned earlier today with his latest jab at Eminem, seemingly ending the trilogy of diss tracks. This time around, he comes through with “Canceled: Invitation.” If you’ve heard the song “Foolish Pride,” an older record before Em blew up, the rapper said some incredibly disparaging things towards Black women. Although he’s apologized, Nick Cannon brings that record back and samples it on the hook before saying Em has “been disrespecting our queens for years.

Peep the diss track via Complex.

Quotable Lyrics
Lord Jamar told your ass, you a guest in our house
I’m tryna find out who let this pest in our house
Close the door, apology tour, for sure they gon’ say I’m race baitin’
But I had to lure him with the hate 


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