Nick Cannon Mocks Eminem In Diss Response: “Get Out Your Wheelchair”


How can you take Nick Cannon’s shit-talking seriously when he’s dressed up like Santa? Everybody was expecting the comedian to respond to the shots that Eminem threw his way on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above” record today. Operating as part of the Family Ties album, Joe referred to “Lord Above” as the “most disrespectful song” and, now that we’ve heard it, it makes sense why he would think that. Em attempts to obliterate Nick Cannon for the comments he made on T.I.’s podcast several months ago, implying that he was neutered by Mariah Carey and making plenty of jokes based on that. Cannon listened to the verse on his radio show and, as he was dressed like Santa, he issued a response.

“They should change his name from Eminem to, like, Percocet-Em,” suggested Cannon before taking some digs at his age. “We gon’ call him Cialis. Bring your walker, get out your wheelchair, pop some of whatever you pop. Should I respond to this? It’s not worthy of a response! I gotta get in my time machine, go put my gigolo jersey on…”

Cannon then goes on to mock the rapper, imitating his flow on the track before peddling back and referring to him as a legend. This isn’t quite a full-blown feud but, clearly, there is still some bad blood between these two. Do you think we’ll hear a Nick Cannon response by the end of the week?


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