Nick Cannon’s NCredible Music SVP Suggests Eminem’s Diss Is “Click Bait”


Eminem and Nick Cannon’s war of words may have ended for the time being but it’s still a hot topic of conversation. The Senior Vice President of Nick Cannon’s NCredible Music Chuck Kelly recently chopped it up with HipHopDX on his thoughts on the entire feud. He revealed that he was shocked that Em even brought it up on Fat Joe’s new album. Kelly was equally shocked at Canon’s ability to dig up old dirt on Em.

“The first two was really just friendly-fire since he clearly had their beef still on his mind and had so much to say about it,” Kelly said. “People keep accusing Nick of clout chasing and that he’s doing it for attention.  I don’t understand how that’s even possible, like how can even get more attention? He’s on television and the radio every day. The Masked Singer is No 1.”

This is, in fact, true. Nick Cannon’s had a hell of a year which is why many were confused as to why he wanted it to end on this note. Kelly explained that he’s close with Fat Joe so the diss was shocking to hear. He also noted that many are overlooking the fact that Em took the first shot. “A lot of people seem like they didn’t hear Fat Joe’s album or they not up on where this all came from or what,” he added. “People are so used to just the click-bait.”

Peep Nick’s latest diss track below.  


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