Nick Cannon’s “The Miseducation Of The Negro You Love To Hate” Includes Tons Of Eminem Shade


This new Nick Cannon mixtape is filled with everything you would want out of a Nick Cannon mixtape. Mariah Carey sample? Check. Eminem disses? Check. Sing/rapping with way too much auto-tune? Double check. The Miseducation Of The Negro You Love To Hate is officially out now, containing seven new records from the actor/comedian/musician. 

If you thought things between Eminem and Nick Cannon were done, you were incorrect. When it comes to Nick Cannon, it doesn’t seem like things will ever be finished between himself and the rap legend. Uploading a brand new mixtape to all major streaming services, the funnyman continues what he started last year. This time around, the disses are more subtle and, for the most part, they’re directed at Marshall Mathers’ fans. Even if you don’t feel like peddling through each of the songs on this display, you’ll certainly hear some Em shade on a number of these, including “Madoff,” “No Love For Me” and “Used To Look Up To Me.”

Listen to the brand new project below and let us know which track you’re rocking with the most.


1. Know What It Is
2. Used To Look Up To You
3. Madoff
4. No Love For Me
5. Ghetto Blues
6. Cut Em Off
7. Instead of Nipsey


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