Nick Young Apologizes To Lil Nas X, Blames Twitter Hackers


When Lil Nas X dropped “MONTERO” on Friday, he immediately became a trending topic on Twitter as various people were upset about his use of devilish imagery. In fact, at one point in the video, Nas X gives the devil a lap dance, and this has offended a whole lot of people. On Sunday,  former NBA star Nick Young spoke out against the rapper, and said that he would no longer be allowing his kids to listen to “Old Town Road.” This tweet was seen by Lil Nas X, who suggested his kids should be listening to “MONTERO” instead.

Following this exchange, Young decided to come through with a quick backpedal over the whole thing and even used the classic excuse that he was hacked. Clearly, Young doesn’t want any smoke with someone who is using the devil for shock value.

I dnt want know SMOKE! imma say it first I AM SORRY @LilNasX I HOPE y’all believe in that kinda thing forgiveness … these Hackers keep getting me they need to stop,” he said. “Look y’all can beef with the devil all y’all want … I was hacked in the Name of Jesus.”

At this point, we highly doubt Young will want to challenge Lil Nas X again, as it seems like a losing proposition these days.

Lil Nas X

Amy Sussman/Getty Images