Nick Young Compares Michael Rapaport To D’Angelo Russell


Over the last few days, all NBA fans can talk about right now is the fiery exchange in the DMs between the likes of Michael Rapaport and Kevin Durant. The two seemed to be incredibly upset at each other and the whole thing has taken quite the turn for the worse. While Durant has said it’s all just fun and games, there has been a severe backlash from it, especially when it comes to Rapaport, who many are labeling as a snitch due to the fact that he leaked the DMs in the first place.

Nick Young has dealt with snitching in his career, especially as it pertains to D’Angelo Russell who leaked his cheating scandal with Iggy Azalea. In fact, Rapaport reminded Young of Russel, so much so that Young took to Twitter with some harsh words about the comedian.

“Michael DLO Rapaport lol,” Young said. Young has made reference to DLO in the past but never on such a public scale. Clearly, he is still hurt about the whole situation, and there are various similarities there especially when you think about what Durant is going through with Rapaport.

Snitching will forever remain relevant and it seems like NBA players have gotten the worst of it over the past few years.

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Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images