Nick Young Explains How Iggy Azalea Kept Him From Pursuing Rihanna


Nick Young was always one of the more entertaining players in the NBA thanks to his general antics and penchant for having good style. Fans who remember Young from his days with the Los Angeles Lakers, know that he was in a very high profile relationship with Iggy Azalea at the time. Due to a bizarre incident involving D’Angelo Russell, that relationship eventually came to an end with both sides moving on for the better.

During the first-ever episode of the “Certified Buckets” podcast with Young, Chiney Ogwumike, and Sarunas J. Jackson, Swaggy P spoke about a time where he was trying to impress a high-profile artist who was courtside at Lakers games. Of course, that artist was Rihanna who actually took notice of how well he was playing. In the podcast, Young explains how he wanted to try and pursue something with Rihanna but he had just started dating Iggy at the time and didn’t want to interfere with that.

Based on the response of his fellow co-hosts, it seems as though they felt he was making a huge mistake as Rihanna was clearly the better option. Regardless, Young doesn’t seem to have any regrets about the whole situation and eventually laughed off the jokes being made at his expense.

You can listen to the full episode of the podcast below.


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