Nick Young Shoots His Shot With ESPN After Paul Pierce Firing


At this point, everyone NBA fan knows about what happened to Paul Pierce over the weekend. Essentially, he went live on Instagram with some strippers and escorts, which is fine, unless you are employed by ESPN which is owned by Disney. Not long after this Livestream went viral, Pierce was fired from his role at ESPN and now, he is being offered jobs with various other networks, publications, and even some brands. Needless to say, it isn’t all bad for “The Truth.”

Now, Nick Young wants to capitalize on the situation as he sees a very clear opportunity here. Taking to Twitter, Young basically called out ESPN and asked if they have any work for him, especially considering there is now an opening with the company. Simply put, Young wants some work right now.

For now, ESPN has not let on to the fact that they are actively looking for a replacement. Their lineup of analysts is already pretty deep so they can certainly get away with not hiring anyone else for the next little while. Despite this, Young would be an interesting fit and he would be a departure from the norm when it comes to who they typically hire.

Perhaps this public call-out will work out in his favor, which would be pretty awesome to see.

Nick Young

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images