Nicki Minaj Celebrated By Mom On Birthday With Cute Baby Pics


At the stroke of midnight, Nicki Minaj ushered in a new year around the sun. We expect the 38-year-old international superstar to celebrate her big day with her dedicated fans who have already stormed social media with congratulatory messages, but it was a sweet note from her mother that caused many to give a collective, “Aw.” Carol Maraj never ceases to publicly sing her daughter’s praises, and Nicki’s birthday not only gave fans a lovely mother-daughter moment but a few throwback photos of the award-winning rapper.

Carol Maraj, Nicki Minaj, Birthday
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

“On this night, 38 yrs ago, I cherished every moment, for it would be the last night you would hear my heart beat from the inside and tomorrow would be the first day of me seeing my heartbeat on the outside,” Ms. Maraj penned in an Instagram caption. “The joy of being able to hold my baby girl took over and I couldn’t wait to meet you. I think you wanted to meet me too because you came bright and early.”

This will be a special birthday for Nicki Minaj as it will be the first where she is also a mother. The rapper gave birth to her baby boy bundle of joy at the end of September. Check out Mama Maraj’s post below along with a few fans wishing Nicki a happy birthday.