Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Blame Teen Rapper For Viral Video Snub: “She’s The Victim Here”


The Lifetime network partnered with Jermaine Dupri to deliver their hit series, The Rap Game. For five seasons, the famed So So Def founder and CEO auditioned thousands of young people in search to find the next teen (or younger) rap superstar. This week, a clip of 2017’s fourth season went viral after it showed journalist Kim Ford criticizing Nicki Minaj while asking the panel of The Rap Game‘s female contestants who their influences are.

One girl, a rapper named Ricci Bitti who was 13-years-old at the time, regularly stated on the show that she was influenced by Nicki Minaj. However, in that moment, she was reluctant to say the Queen rapper’s name and instead opted with Queen Latifah. In the clip, Jermaine noted that Ricci Bitti wasn’t being truthful. Nicki shared the video on social media with a lengthy caption, criticizing the journalist for posing that question. Yet, Ricci was somehow reported as the target, and she received flak from the public for her answer.

She responded to the backlash by agreeing with another person who said the rapper was “bullied” into her response. “And people also aren’t understanding that i was 13 years old when the show was filmed, and I’m 16 now…of course was a 13 y/o KID i felt the need to change my answer, considering there were adults pressuring me into thinking my original answer was wrong.”

Nicki was made aware of Ricci’s comment and made sure to let it be known that she doesn’t fault the young rapper at all. “She’s sweet & she’s the victim here. Did nothing wrong. A whole kid. The grown bitter woman is simply sick.” Swipe through to check out the clip below.


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