Nicki Minaj Fans Think Meek Mill Is Shading Her Again


It doesn’t matter what Meek Mill is talking about, Nicki Minaj fans will always find a way to implicate the Queen.

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj broke up years ago but, in recent months, their feud was restored with a series of hateful tweets being thrown in both directions. Insults were aplenty during their short-lived beef reenactment and now, the Barbz are under the impression that Meek is coming for their lord and savior again.

Admitting that he’s ashamed of some of his past romantic partners, the rapper’s comments blew up with Nicki fans requesting some peace on this fine Wednesday.

“Every n***a got a few ugly bodies he ashamed of,” retweeted Meek Mill, adding that he’s even got some bad girls that he regrets ever getting with. Now, it’s possible that he is actually sending some slight shade at Nicki Minaj. However, he could honestly be speaking about anybody. 

“The one that gave you your career?” asked one Nicki stan in his replies. “Stop talking about Nicki, you know you miss that girl. Everybody was clowning her for dating you,” said another.

Meek Mill Nicki Minaj
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The 32-year-old has dated several women not named Nicki Minaj that he could be ashamed of. Long story short, not everything is about the Queen.

Let this man live.


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