Nicki Minaj & Meghan Trainor Are Self-Proclaimed Boss B*tches In “Nice To Meet Ya” Visuals


Before she made a surprise return to Instagram and announced her upcoming slot as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race this week, Nicki Minaj had been keeping a pretty low profile lately. The rapper declared her retirement from music back in September with a tweet that devastated Barbz and Barb-affiliates everywhere. However, regardless of any sincerity she felt back then, the Queen is officially back, and she’s teamed up with pop singer Meghan Trainor to deliver “Nice To Meet Ya.”

The track officially dropped on Friday, accompanied by some pastel and power-suited visuals. In the video, Nicki, Meghan, and a gaggle of businesswomen navigate their male-dominated office, switching up the “boys club” vibe. Nicki ultimately reigns supreme as the CEO, with Meghan as her number two. Filled with choreographed dance numbers and gags like covering some of the men in post-it notes, the visuals are aesthetically pleasing and almost too bubbly for the whisper-heavy track. Nicki is a feature queen, often hopping on another artist’s track to give it some much-needed flavour, a purpose she most definitely serves on “Nice To Meet Ya.”

Meghan spoke to the ladies from The Real on Thursday about how the collab even happened, and what it was like to make a music video with Nicki Minaj. “My management started managing [Nicki] and I was like, ‘Do you think we could play [the song] for her?'” Meghan explained. “And then they did and I was like, ‘That’s just a bucket list dream-come-true if she even hears my song. And they said [that] she likes it and she wanted to write a rap to it.” Meghan describes how surreal it was to work with someone of Nicki’s magnitude. While shooting the music video for the single, Meghan “was freaking out” and felt “more nervous than being at the Grammys. This was my moment.”


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