Nicki Minaj Ruthlessly Drags Wendy Williams For Bringing Up Husband’s Rape Conviction


One thing about Nicki Minaj is that she doesn’t hold her tongue for anyone and that can both be a good and a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Nicki’s undoubtedly has been facing a ton of backlash after she announced her relationship with Kenneth Petty. Again, Nicki doesn’t hold her tongue so whoever had anything to say about Kenneth, including her own fans, received a mouthful from the Queen. 

It’s one thing to simply talk sh*t on social media and it’s another to bring that messiness onto national TV. Wendy Williams, whose life has been messy both on and off the screen this, took a few jabs at Nicki’s husband over his rape and murder convictions. Nicki and Kenneth are now married, apparently, and on the latest episode of Queen Radio, she lived up to her new last name. “Bitch, where was you at when Kevin had his dick knee-deep in that bitch pussy? I pray for you because I know you’re hurting and I know you must be sick and humiliated,” Nicki said.

“When you announce my husband, P, there’s no need for you to mention his past. Every time you mention him, you feel the need to bring these things up as well as something he was wrongfully accused of doing,” she said. 

She elaborated on the claims that Petty was falsely accused. She said that the accuser tried to recant her statement in court. “And when the alleged accuser wrote a letter to the judge asking to recant the statements she was told that she would go to jail for 90 days, allegedly, if she recants the statement,” Nicki claims. She continued to explain that Petty, who was 15 at the time he was charged with attempted rape in the first-degree, didn’t have $7K at the time for the bond. 


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