Nicki Minaj Stans Seek To Cancel Doja Cat With Twitter Tirade


Doja Cat has been rising up the ranks as far as artists go, these days. Her quirky personality has made her a favorite amongst fans and when you mix this with her good music, you get a very likable entertainer. Of course, because she is a female artist, fans are quick to compare her to other women in hip-hop, which isn’t always fair.

Recently, a drawing was made of Doja, Nicki Minaj, and Megan Thee Stallion on a Rolling Stone cover together. This drawing drew the ire of Barbz who didn’t take too kindly to Doja Cat’s inclusion. At one point, a Doja Cat fan responded to one of the Barbz which led Doja Cat to say “Stop responding to them they’re twitter gangsters and they have nothing kind to say about you or anyone. they live and breathe being fuckin immature.”

Of course, Nicki’s stans were livid over this whole thing and immediately started the hashtag, “DojaCatIsOverParty.” The strength of the Barbz is unmatched as the hashtag eventually began trending on Twitter. Doja Cat’s fans were right there to put a stop to it though, as they lamented over the fact that the artist was being canceled for absolutely no reason.

Eventually, the Barbz were overshadowed by Doja’s fans who completely took the hashtag and used it as a means to stop Nicki stans and their gifs, in their tracks. Needless to say, cancel culture doesn’t work so well when there isn’t a cancelable offense to hit one with.


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