Nicki Minaj Surgery Accusations Begin After Her Social Media Return


Throughout her career, Nicki Minaj has taken numerous breaks from social media in order to restore her sanity and spend time with her family. This time around, her three-month-long hiatus was triggered by the desire to bond with Kenneth Petty, her new husband, as they grow their lives together. Ahead of her new feature on Meghan Trainor’s album, the superstar rapper returned to social media with a series of new photos, delighting fans who had missed her dearly. Much like her arch-nemesis Cardi B though, her public reappearance sparked a number of rumors about her look, including new accusations of plastic surgery on everything from her eyes to her waist.

Pop culture fiends have inspected Nicki Minaj’s new pictures, compared them to her past uploads, and are determining that the Queen may have had some minor procedures done to alter her look. It’s highly likely that she hasn’t gotten anything done. After all, she was already looking stellar pre-hiatus and she certainly didn’t feel a lack of confidence in showing off her ever-unique frame. The rapper has been celebrated for her body since she stepped onto the scene. Although she looks a little slimmer than in past months, that’s likely due to diet and exercise… you know, the way people usually get back into shape. We don’t always need to point to surgery, y’all.

Still, people are reacting online as if Minaj went and knifed up her face, waist, butt, and more. Are you under the impression that she looks any different?



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