Nicki Minaj’s Triumphant Return To Queen Radio Commences


Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio has made for an entertaining, and occasionally electrifying outlet. A place in which grievances can be aired, fan love can be shared, and tempers can be flared — sometimes within minutes of each other. And yet, Nicki seems right at home, a talent that begs for a job hosting the next Grand Theft Auto talk radio station. In the meantime, Queen Radio will suffice. Following her last episode, which found Joe Budden being shaken to his very foundation by a Minaj scorned, Nicki has once again deemed it time to hold court.

Much has transpired in the interim. Retirement rumors. Pregnancy rumors. Marriage rumors. Rumors of all shapes and sizes, really. It’s hard to tell where the truth ends and the rumor begins. That’s why Nicki is here to share her own take on the truth, should you choose to accept it. Right about now, Nicki is stepping behind the booth for her latest episode, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the antics and quotables that transpire.

Should you be so inclined, check it out for yourself on Apple Music, right here

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