Nike LeBron 17 “Bron 2K” Unveiled For NBA 2K20 MyPlayer Mode: Photos


NBA 2k20 and Nike announced a brand new partnership recently that is being dubbed as the NBA 2K x Nike Gamer Exclusives activation. Essentially, if you play the MyPlayer mode, you will be able to unlock shoes for your player in the game and you will also be able to buy these shoes in real life. The sneakers are going to be exclusive to those who actually play NBA 2K and so far it seems like an initiative that gamers are extremely excited about.

The first of the MyPlayer challenges begins today and the first sneaker that will be featured is the all-over purple Nike LeBron 17 “Bron 2K.” The shoe is exactly what you would come to expect from the LeBron 17 except the monochrome purple finish creates a beautiful aesthetic that will flash out on the court. Meanwhile, the “2K” logo can be found at the bottom of the laces which is a really nice touch. 

If you have NBA 2k20 and are looking for some sneakers for the court, you might want to get started on all of those challenges.


Image via Nike


Image via Nike


Image via Nike


Image via Nike


Image via Nike


Image via Nike


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