Nike Unveils Saquon Barkley’s New Logo & Apparel Collection: First Look


Nike has today announced their first apparel collection with New York Giants superstar running back Saquon Barkley, featuring his brand new signature logo.

According to Nike, the new logo, which employs Barkley’s initials with a lightning bolt design, serves as reminder that there’s a superhero in everyone. 


The collection includes cut-sleeve hoodies ($145) and a hat ($28) with the new logo on the front, as well as a bold long-sleeve t-shirt ($35).

“It’s truly amazing to have my own Nike collection,” says Saquon. “This is a dream I’ve always had as a kid. For me to be able to put myself in the same light with other great Nike athletes, it’s truly an honor and a blessing for me.”

Barkley credits his Bronx roots with instilling in him a tough work ethic and attitude. 

“Representing not only New York but the place I was born in the Bronx and being able to come back and be apart and help the community is something that is important to me,” said Saquon. “Plus I think of myself playing with that New York attitude, even though I moved out of the Bronx my parents instilled that mindset in me.”

The Nike x Saquon Barkley Collection will be available on Friday, November 8 at Nike NYC. 






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