Nipsey Hussle’s Alleged Murderer Eric Holder Shut Down In Court


The man accused of killing legendary Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle did not have a very good day in court. After pleading not guilty to the six charges that have been brought against him in May, Eric Holder motioned to have a couple of his charges dismissed. He believes that he should not be held accountable on two of his attempted murder charges and, this morning, the judge decided to keep everything the way it was.

David McNew/Getty Images

According to an exclusive report by The Shade Room, Eric Holder was shut down this morning in a Los Angeles court after trying to have two attempted murder charges dismissed. His lawyers used the “Kill Zone Theory” to argue that he should not be found responsible but, after taking a look at how everything played out, the judge decided to keep Holder’s charges in place. The prosecutors are using the defense’s own argument against them in this case, debating that while Holder may have intended to only kill one person, the method in which he went about the attack (with two firearms) means that he should be found guilty of attempted murder. The “Kill Zone Theory” suggests that everybody in the area could have been fatally injured, making the charges valid.

According to HipHopDX, Holder’s trial will begin in February 2020.


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