Nivea’s Previous Addiction To Cocaine Nearly Made Her Lose Her Children


After a 13-year hiatus, Nivea returned to the music scene to deliver her fourth studio album, Mirrors. The singer gained popularity with singles like “Don’t Mess With My Man,” “Laundromat,” and Mystikal’s “Danger” where she sang the hook, but after becoming a mother to four children—three with ex-husband The-Dream and one with her first love, Lil Wayne—Nivea drifted from the limelight.

However, with Mirrors, she returns once again, and to help promote her latest project, the 37-year-old singer sat down with VladTV. We previously reported on her sharing bits of her love story with Wayne while talking about how she and Lauren London were pregnant by the rapper at the same time. The singer was candid about various aspects of her life throughout the interview, including her addiction to cocaine that almost made her lose her children. Both of Nivea’s parents were crack cocaine addicts, and although she was told to stay away from drugs, she tried them, anyway.

“Knowing, first, that you have an addictive type of personality trait, we come from that, too,” she said. “We were always forbidden [and told] don’t try sh*t, you gon’ be addicted to…cake. Anything. We have that trait in us. It was already a big, huge risk that I wasn’t damn thinkin’ ’bout when I was playing with that stuff.” The singer shared that her drive to even try the drug came from depression. She said she had gone through much in her life and was at a low point. “Thank God it didn’t f*kin’ kill me,” Nivea said. 

“The only reason why I’m okay with sharing the story because that sh*t really will take over your mind, your body, and you can really kill yourself,” she added. “Thank God I had cut off before that happened, but I definitely saw f*ckery occurring. You have to choose if you want to be dead or not, and I didn’t want to damn be that. So, I made a better choice and eventually…it didn’t happen right a damn way, but I eventually let it go.”

Nivea shared that in the thick of her addiction, she felt her mind and body changing and knew that wasn’t the type of mother that she wanted to be. In turn, she said she and The-Dream had a talk about him taking their three children full-time. “I called him as was like, ‘I’m f*ckin’ up. I done f*cked up. I need to get it right.’ And, as always, he’s been a friend to me and he was then. I got it together.” She added that she’s very proud of herself, yet, she wouldn’t share how long she’s been clean. Check out her full clip below.


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