NLE Choppa Arrested For Burglary: Report


Eighteen-year-old Memphis-based rapper NLE Choppa was reportedly arrested on Sunday in Broward County, Florida, charged with burglary, possession of Xanax and marijuana, and possession of a concealed firearm. 

News regarding the rapper’s arrest comes after his mugshot started circulating on social media. The photo shows a smiling NLE Choppa with purple hair. In the information listed on his arrest record, the No Love Entertainment representative is listed at 150 pounds. His bond is reportedly worth $2,100. 

Screenshot via Florida Arrests

Among the charges, Choppa’s most serious charge is for unarmed burglary. He’s also been charged with carrying a concealed firearm, possession of fewer than thirty grams of cannabis, and possession of Xanax. The rapper has not updated his socials since his arrest, so it’s possible that he is still in police custody.

Screenshot via Florida Arrests

NLE Choppa’s arrest follows the arrest of Youngboy Never Broke Again on Monday last week. Despite signs pointing to YB’s possible release this week, the rapper remains behind bars for the time being.

NLE Choppa has seemingly been making positive changes in his life, shifting from violence-themed lyrics to a more compassionate approach, embracing a plant-based lifestyle, and growing plenty of vegetables in his backyard. Many of NLE’s fans are surprised to see him in this predicament after pledging to stay away from violence and crime.

Free NLE Choppa.