NLE Choppa Evaluates Southern Rap Classics By Outkast, Mike Jones, & More


Often, new artists seek co-signs from their fellow rising rappers, but a nod from a veteran can be a career-changing move. For this latest episode of The CosignGenius flips the script as Tenneessee newcomer NLE Choppa peruses through a few southern classics and shares whether or not he’d sign off on these hits.

John Sciulli / Stringer / Getty Images

“As a kid I used to watch a lotta artists like Lil Wayne,” the Cottonwood artist said. “I used to like Rick Ross videos. Rick Ross videos used to be like, super bossed up. I liked Juvenile videos ’cause like, he had the females and stuff in it. It’s all about who rappin’, how they voice is, do they got that real down south voice. Down south voice is just different. You never know what you gon’ get.

First up was Outkast’s 2000 hit “B.O.B.” and it was obvious that Choppa was feeling that one. He said he grew up listening to “Ms. Jackson” and that “B.O.B.” was a track that “goes hard.” Choppa wasn’t as familiar with Mike Jones’s “Still Tippin” with Paul Wall and Slim Thug, but he admitted he was two-years-old when the song was released.

Check out what else he had to say about “Boom I Got Your Boyfriend” by Ms. Luscious (1990), “Bird Walk” by Soulja Boy (2008), “Sippin On Some Sizzurp” by Three Six Mafia (2000), “Choppa Style” by Choppa (2002), and more below.


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