NLE Choppa Joins Quin NFN On “Poles”


Quin NFN and NLE Choppa have been seeing a lot of success this year and now, they team up for their new collaboration, “Poles.” Now, for two rappers who are essentially named after firearm-related terms, this is absolutely on brand for the both of them. Despite the subject matter, they bring a child-like playfulness for their new song. The production on “Poles” feels very animated while NLE Choppa has already proven that on and off-wax, he is certainly a character. Quin NFN comes through with a far more aggressive flow as he and NLE Choppa swap bars throughout the song. 

NLE Choppa has already had made a ton of noise this year and we’re stoked to hear what he has up his sleeves. As or Quin NFN, he’s definitely someone to keep an eye out for. 

Quotable Lyrics
I be blessin’ the mic but I’m not sneezin’
Quick to get on bitch like I’m Y Beezy
The car got no ceilin’, I’m not Weezy
If I said it then then I said, I mean it


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