NLE Choppa Kicks Off Wacky New Dance Challenge


Last week, 18-year-old Memphis rapper NLE Choppa was arrested on multiple charges for burglary, guns, and drugs. He claimed in a later statement that authorities planted some of the substances on him, setting him up to be arrested. As he fights for justice in his case, the teenaged rapper has been setting trends across social media, starting a new challenge associated with his “Beat Box (First Day Out)” freestyle.

Taking the original “Beat Box” challenge dance from SpottemGotem’s song and interpolating it into his own version of the dance, NLE Choppa tried to kick off the new “#ChoppaBeatBox” challenge. “This shit hard to do,” he wrote on TikTok, showing off the wacky new dance. Somewhat of a remixed version of the “Shoot” dance, NLE Choppa starts to convulse when the sound of bullets hits the audio. Then, he switches sides, does the “Shoot” again before convulsing a second time.

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Surprisingly enough, people are already starting to adopt the trend. Choppa’s video on TikTok has over a million likes and it has been viewed over 6 million times.


##stitch with @cnljayyx2 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂‼️ ##choppabeatbox

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Known for his intense dancing skills, NLE Choppa has another trend in his bag with this one. Do you think it will take off?