NLE Choppa Pulls The Trigger On New Track “Clicc Clacc”


NLE Choppa released his debut EP Cottonwood on Friday, and it’s (probably) safe to say that it bangs. Included on the nine-track project is the remix he did of his breakout track “Shotta Flow” with Blueface, who is, shockingly, the only feature on the whole EP. NLE Choppa goes hard on the track “Clicc Clacc” in particular, spitting aggressively about what he’s packing.

The brief chorus, consisting of just two lines, is reminiscent of a nursery rhyme, playing with the common trope of using onomatopoeia to evoke gunshot sounds in the lyrics, “Clicc clacc, ra-ta-tat, .223’s through your back, yeah.” Though there are so many quotable lyrics in this song like those from the first verse featured below, a personal favourite would have to be when the 17-year-old threatens to turn someone’s skull into a type of cereal in the line, “B*tch, I put a hole up in your head just like a Cheerio.” There’s just something so poetic about it.

Quotable Lyrics

I’ll turn this b*tch into a thriller like my name was Michael Jackson (Hee-hee) 
Yeah, yeah, glock on my lap in traffic
Roll down the window, you know that I’m blastin’
Just like Denzel, all about action (B*tch)
You thought I had luggage because I be packin’


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