NLE Choppa Wrecks His Hellcat While Filming First Day Out Freestyle: Watch


For a while, it seemed like NLE Choppa was doing a pretty good job at staying out of trouble. Aside from his usual social media antics, the teenager had effectively managed to stay out of legal trouble. This changed last Sunday (March 28) when the Memphis-bred rapper was reportedly arrested in Broward County, Florida, and charged with burglary, possession of drugs, and possession of a concealed firearm. His bond was reportedly worth $2,100 and he was released thereafter.

While filming the visual for a customary first day out freestyle, the rapper crashed his luxury Hellcat vehicle, sharing a video on social media of the aftermath of the accident. 

Screenshot via Florida Arrests

In the footage, you can see the ruins of what was once his Hellcat that he seemingly crashed in the process of filming his “Beatbox” freestyle. “Only like it sloppy she gon beatbox if she sucking me/Told her bring a friend if she ever think about f*cking me/Touching who? Touching me? To God where yo ass gon’ be,” rhymes the 18-year-old on the track. 

He flashes his bloodied hand, seemingly unphased, in the camera as a videographer continues to record him and his friends vibing to the track. 


As for his recent arrest, among all the charges, his most serious one is for unarmed burglary. He’s also facing charges for carrying a concealed firearm, possession of fewer than thirty grams of cannabis, and possession of Xanax.

He’s been released from police custody since then and has maintained he was set up. We’ll keep you updated on the saga.