NoCap & NBA Youngboy Release New Song “38Sides”


Alabama rapper NoCap and Baton Rouge artist Youngboy Never Broke Again are both in difficult predicaments right now. The two incarcerated rappers are waiting for their freedom days to come as they both continue to struggle with legal issues. Throughout NoCap’s career, the 22-year-old artist has been in-and-out of jail, never getting a fair shot at succeeding in music. Youngboy Never Broke Again has reached superstar status but the 21-year-old continues to find his way into trouble, most recently getting arrested on Monday on two charges of possession of a firearm as a felon.

Hip-hop fans across the world are hoping for these two young rappers to be freed in the coming weeks and as we continue to wait for the good news, NoCap has officially released his latest single “38Sides” with NBA Youngboy.

The two clearly have strong chemistry, having worked together countless times in the past as part of the Never Broke Again collective. NoCap has a long history with Youngboy. With them both facing tough spots in jail, a new collaboration is only right.

Listen to “38Sides” below, where they bounce off each other seamlessly over Al Geno production.

Quotable Lyrics:

That broke sh*t like a virus, n***as don’t wanna come near it
Hellcat switching lanes, drive this b*tch just like a Cherokee
Something finna change, I just bought that hoe some Tiffany
No, I’m not a rapper, I’m just talking with some melody
Ain’t talking on no Apple phone, police tryna bury me