Noname Goes On Twitter Rant: “Whiteness Irritates Me”


Chicago-based artist Noname is one of the most critically acclaimed female rappers in the game, turning heads whenever she drops a new project because of her original style and her unique way of delivering bars. Noname is unlike any other star in hip-hop. Her music borders on spoken word jazz, bringing poetic lyricism to the forefront. Each Noname project has been beautiful in its own right thus far. On social media, the 28-year-old musician often ruffles feathers because of her stance on issues surrounding race and, in particular, “whiteness.” She came through again yesterday with a message.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

When faced with the accusation that she’s always tweeting “racist shit” before promptly deleting said posts, Noname affirmed that she was not about to get rid of her following message. “Whiteness irritates me. i won’t delete this,” she wrote. “People keep asking me why i’m so angry like the news don’t exist. as soon as white people realize whiteness was marketed/sold to them and is just as reductive to their humanity as it is mine, maybe we’ll all be free.”

While Noname’s views are certainly controversial, they’re earning tons of “amens” from her fans and supporters. Are you on board with what the Chicago rapper is preaching or do you think she’s offbase?


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