Noname, Saba & Smino Tease New Music As Supergroup, Ghetto Sage


When Noname, Saba and Smino all posted photos with each other over the weekend, it was unclear what they were up to. The photos showed them sitting on three chairs over a Persian rug in the center of a spacious loft. One could have speculated that they were on a video shoot for their collaborative track, “Ace,” off of Noname’s 2018 project, Room 25. However, it appears they’re plotting something else entirely. 

There now exists a verified Twitter page under the name of Ghetto Sage, which appeared in the captions of the Chicago-based artists’ photos. Their first tweet was in response to XXL asking, “Name an album you can listen to without skipping a single song.” Ghetto Sage replied with a shushing face emoji, insinuating that the supergroup might not only have a song on the way, BUT A WHOLE ALBUM. As they also tweeted, “N****s deserve a classic so…”

Ghetto Sage will make their first offering on Thursday, October 17. While they haven’t specified what form this offering will take, we’re ready for it. Aside from “Ace,” the trio also previously joined forces for “Shadow Man” off Noname’s breakout mixtape, Telefone


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