NORE Deems “Jesus Is King” Trash: “Jesus Ain’t Even Co-Sign This”


The minute N.O.R.E stepped into Nick Cannon’s studio, madness was inevitable. Sitting on the receiving end of an interview, the Drink Champs host shared no shortage of brutal honesty and hilarious insight. In a moment sure to make the hip-hop historians smile, Noreaga reflects on being bested at handball by none other than Big Pun. “Big guys is the best at handball,” confirms Nore. “They don’t let nothing get past them. When I get to heaven, and Pun says hi to me, I’m not going to say hi to him. Im’a be like, rematch!”

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Cannon jokes that even Jesus could catch the handball fade, segueing effortlessly into Kanye West’s Jesus Is King. Noreaga pulls no punches. “It’s trash,” he says, shaking his head in disgust. “I heard the album. I love you Kanye. I buy your sneakers.” He turns to Nick. “I know you smashed Kardashians before. I didn’t mean to say it like that. I love Kim, Kim is my hero right now. For jail reform, what she’s doing. Kim is my favorite person in the world right now. But I feel like she didn’t hear this album.” Nick Cannon passionately defends the project, prompting Nore to give “Follow God” some credit, but it’s not enough. “I feel like Jesus ain’t even co-sign this one. Jesus was like, yo, Ye….”

Judging from the sound in the bullpen, Nore’s take was somewhat of a hot one. Still, he stands by it. “I’ma be honest, I’m a hater. I’m kinda hater. Let me explain why. Zane Lowe is a person that I respect but I don’t respect…As a person whose made The War Report album, I’ve done records with Mariah Carey (“I’ve done other things with Mariah Carey” says Nick). So when I see a Kanye, a Drake, a J. Cole, a Pusha T and I see you ever go to any place other than [Drink Champs], the culture, I have a problem with that.” 


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