Notorious B.I.G. Was A Titan On The Incendiary “Who Shot Ya?”


Yesterday, the news was made official. The Notorious B.I.G  was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, much to the delight of Diddy. In honor of the late Big Poppa, it seems only fitting to celebrate his legacy with a reflection on one of his hardest tracks. At the time of its initial release in February of 1995, “Who Shot Ya” was incendiary. Believing himself to be the object of Biggie’s ridicule, 2Pac found himself enraged over perceived subs, despite Big claiming to have kept it neutral. Either way, the impact of “Who Shot Ya” proved monumental, furthering the tension between the former friends and ultimately leading to the creation of Pac’s own “Hit Em Up.” 

It’s no wonder the track has remained such an integral chapter in hip-hop history. Fueled by a classic instrumental produced by Nashiem Myrick and a then-named Puff Daddy, Biggie’s confident, intimidating flow raised the bar for his fellow lyricists. His imagery shines throughout, as he raps “I can hear sweat trickling down your cheek, your heartbeat sound’ like Sasquatch feet.” Later, he professes to “Tote Glocks at Christenings,” laid back with the methodical mind of a battle-ready don. Even today it’s easy to trace many the lineage of modern-day flows back to The Notorious B.I.G.

Is “Who Shot Ya” his definitive anthem?

Quotable Lyrics

Who shot ya? Separate the weak from the obsolete
Hard to creep them Brooklyn streets
It’s on, n***a, fuck all that bickerin’ beef
I can hear sweat tricklin’ down your cheek
Your heartbeat sound like Sasquatch feet
Thunderin’, shakin’ the concrete
Then the shit stop when I foil the plot
Neighbors call the cops, said they heard mad shots
Saw me in the drop, three and a quarter
Slaughter, electrical tape around your daughter
Old school, new school need to learn though
I burn, baby, burn, like “Disco Inferno”


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